IBBL - Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg

For its project, EBRC Trusted Cloud Europe was the best choice.


  • BioTechnology sector
  • Created in 2008 as part of the national ‘Health Sciences and Technologies Action Plan’
  • Not-for-profit and independent biobank designed to facilitate medical research in Luxembourg and to coordinate a national cohort
  • IBBL is committed to maintaining high standards of data and samples' quality, meeting the highest standards of medical ethics, and ensuring rigorous privacy of the data collected


Find a trusted partner to:

  • Develop the application following specifications defined by the CRP Henri Tudor – Santec
  • Operate and guarantee the pseudonymisation process
  • Manage the identities in a day-to-day mode


  • New dedicated application platform development and project management with a third party application layer specialist (Oracle DB & OHMPI)
  • Secured architecture design to host and operate the pseudo process
  • Platform implementation following best cloud security practices (PROD + UAT + TEST) thanks to ebrc TrustedCloudEurope
  • Procedures definition and setup to support and operate the pseudo process meeting SLA’s and the highest security levels


  • IBBL found in ebrc the One-Stop-Shop partner, providing expertise and support to ensure the information safety
  • IBBL is able to consolidate its role as accelerator in the research world
  • EBRC is a natural partner for companies in the biomedical research domain requiring a secure, high capacity ICT infrastructure and an experienced solutions provider - D. Allen COO at IBBL