Editus was seeking a value-added Managed Services partner, and found the solution with EBRC Trusted Services.

EBRC has been operating and managing Editus internal servers for two years and hosts the Editus web application platform since the beginning of 2012.


  • First publisher of printed and online phone directories in Luxembourg
  • Traditional IT infrastructure with dedicated servers and solutions
  • Internal IT operational team


  • Move existing infrastructure into new Data Centre space
  • Change/renew some central hardware components
  • Adapt environment and knowledge for these new components
  • Define a new architecture taking into account their growing business
  • Gain IT elasticity & Time-to-market reduction
  • Consolidate internal tools with production components
  • Improve business efficiency/agility


  • Migration of physical environment within TrustedCloudEurope in 2 steps: internal IT and Editus customer IT production environment
  • Integration of adapted managed services to operate new environment
  • Accomplishment of the project through several phases: first migration and transformation of the internal IT in the TrustedCloudEurope
  • Optimisation of the second phase by advising the IT production architecture with a complete redesign of components/services elements


  • Editus found all the value chain elements required to develop and manage its environment with one single partner (One-Stop-Shop)
  • No heavy and risky move of initial hardware infrastructure
  • Migration to Cloud with integrated & adapted managed services - Editus can focus on core activity with better TCO
  • Cloud and Managed services bring flexibility and industrialised processes
  • Editus staff is able to focus on its web application layers giving more efficient service to their clients. EBRC is in charge of the full management of the lower Software layers defined as a commodity.