BioneXt Lab

BioneXt Lab is a medical biology analysis laboratory founded in 2017.

More than a results server, myLAB is a scalable interface for communication between healthcare professionals and patients that includes an iOS and Android compatible application. In addition, myLAB is integrated into all medical practices’ software.

BioneXtLAB is Powered by EBRC.


  • What challenge(s) do you address?

The main challenge of our solution is to remain easy-to-use and intuitive, while being scalable and able to solve complex problems that integrate all the needs of the patients, physicians and healthcare professionals with respect to a medical biology analysis laboratory.

  • What situation do you solve for your clients?

Our “clients” are made up of two distinct target groups (the patients and the medical profession represented by all GPs and specialists) to whom we provide specific solutions.

For the patients:
-    Blood test at the address chosen by the patient throughout the territory (domicile or workplace), by appointment, and free of charge (Picken Doheem offer)
-    Real-time access to analysis results on smartphone and web (myLAB solution)
-    Preventive medicine programme (B-Next Care)
-    Scheduling medical consultations (myLAB solution via our partner Doctena)
-    Integration of connected objects
For the physicians:
-    Real-time access to analysis results in their medical practice software (myLAB solution)
-    Structured data processing
-    Differential diagnostic engine
-    Electronic prescription and integration of all nomenclature rules


  • What is its innovative nature?

For the patient, there are many constraints with regard to blood tests such as having to fast on the morning of the test and leaving earlier than usual, taking their vehicle, braving the traffic jams, finding a parking space, waiting in the waiting room, etc. This is why we aimed to limit all of those constraints as much as possible by offering mobile blood tests. The patients no longer have to travel to have their blood test, the blood test comes to them. An Uber-style version of the service. Although the infrastructure is important for providing a service, the user interface is just as important. Scheduling an appointment must be easy, quick and adapted to all lifestyles. It must also be possible to schedule an appointment for a relative, a child, a parent or a dependent person. Physicians need a customizable tool enabling them to display their patients’ results, compare them with the medical history, receive recommendations based on risk factors, be able to generate an electronic prescription within a single tool, all while remaining mobile. This is why we wanted to integrate physicians, laboratories, support and nursing networks within an evolving ecosystem around the patient. That ecosystem is called myLAB and is available on the web or as a smartphone application.

  • What are its advantages?

Time saved, simplification, facilitating access and appointments.

  • What are its performances?

The tool is customizable, mobile, fast and makes it possible to provide fast treatment too, by simplifying patients’ and healthcare professionals’ lives.

Factual benefits

  • How do your clients benefit from your Solution?

Whether from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, myLAB enables patients to easily and intuitively access their analysis results, find the nearest phlebotomy centre using geolocation, schedule appointments for a blood test for themselves or a relative at home, in the workplace or at the address of their choice using Picken Doheem, find a healthcare professional and schedule an appointment using Doctena. Physicians have direct and real-time access to their patients’ latest results with an automatic notification of deviating or unread results. Intuitive but customizable, myLAB enables physicians to filter the analyses, have direct access to the patient history, compare analyses, generate a PDF in order to print out the analysis results, schedule an appointment for a patient, easily generate an electronic prescription using the nomenclature rules in force. The calculation of the cost for the patient is done automatically, and payment agreements as well as any consent forms for the patients can also be generated automatically. A differential diagnostic engine will round out the online assistance tool enabling the physician to care for their patient.

  • What type of EBRC services do you use?

The Trusted Data Centre service.

  • Why did you choose EBRC?

For the privileged links with POST Luxembourg, for the reliability of the service offered and also for the good understanding of our challenges.