i-Hub is a PFS company which provides AML/KYC services.

The company collects documents and data on behalf of service providers subject to anti-terrorism financing and anti-money laundering laws. Under certain conditions, i-Hub allows the sharing of these pieces of information to avoid the risk of errors and slowness.

To operate its platform, i-Hub needed a partner able to operate the latest technologies and monitor them 24/7, but also a partner that can be integrated in our Security Operations Center (SOC).  
i-Hub chose EBRC on several criteria, the first being that the partner answered the same standards as them and can support i-Hub in the implementation of the security elements in the company’s SOC. The ability to completely master data and the cost/expertise ratio were the second and third criteria in choosing EBRC.

EBRC’s reactivity and ability to offer new solutions were the keys to success in i-Hub’s project.


Learn more about i-Hub and the project conducted with the support of EBRC's teams.