EBRC and adwäisEO: Partners in data

adwäisEO - EBRC
By Silicon Luxembourg 10/03/2023
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Luxembourg's space ecosystem is based on the commitment of different stakeholders to develop a diversified, innovative, and sustainable strategy. We caught up with EBRC and adwäisEO to learn more about their role.

Can you tell us about the partnership between EBRC and AdwaïsEO?

The collaboration launched in 2016 at the start of adwäisEO’s operations with EODAS - a European Space Agency project consisting of a long term preservation archive. AdwäisEO was looking for a secure and reliable data centre to house its infrastructure and found it in the EBRC TIER IV data centre which is located in Betzdorf, the birthplace of Luxembourg’s spacetech.

Why is spacetech like AdwaïsEO so important for EBRC?

Space data has become a critical source of information with many uses, such as for humanitarian and environmental crisis responses, defense concerns and scientific experiences. EBRC offers fully integrated services in ICT services, from cloud or managed services to data centres and cyber-resilience advisory designed for spacetech projects. Our partnership with AdwaïsEO, a member of our “Powered by EBRC” programme is a concrete application of this ambition.

What are your plans for this partnership?

In 2023, adwäisEO is established in the Space Ground segment and well-known at European level for its trustworthy and innovative solutions and services. Reliability is one the recognised qualities of the company and being able to use the TIER IV EBRC data centre helps.

Can you tell us about the upcoming open event?

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the Luxembourg Space Agency is holding an open event. This event, aimed at schools, families and space enthusiasts, will celebrate the achievements the Luxembourg space sector has made so far and raise awareness at the national level.

AdwäisEO will be participating by showing people its work in the field of Earth Observations. Attendees can hear about the biggest archive of space data of Europe: the LSA Data Center, which is engineered and powered by adwäisEO and housed in EBRC. On April 28th and May 26th people will be able to visit adwäisEO’s space in Betzdorf and see its core activities in the space sector.

What is your view on Luxembourg’s space tech industry?

The Luxembourg space sector appears to be a sparkling, dynamic and varied reality. And this is just the beginning of the story…

AdwäisEO and EBRC are delighted to invite you to their Space Open Doors on April 28th and May 26th, 2023

EBRC and adwäisEO